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Examples of Satire I everyday life

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Satire in George..........

2.18 Examples of Satire I everyday life: Most political cartoons, which we witness everyday in newspapers and magazines, are examples of Satire. These cartoons criticize some recent actions of political figures in comical way. Some these shows claim to target what they think are stupid political and social.
2.19 Satire example in literature example
There are numerous examples of Satire in Mark Twain's
Huckleberry Finn. He uses Satire as a tool to share his ideas and opinion on slavery, human nature and many other issues that afflicted American society at that time.
2.20 Influence of Satire in Modern Society: In both the ancient and modern world, Satire has played an essential part in influencing cultural and societal views on a tremendous array of subjects, particularly in political matters. Television shows like The Colbert Report, comics like Doonesbury and the New Yorker's politically – charged to "The politics of Fear" are all examples of instances of influential, modern- day Satire. On his show, The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert satirizes the view right – wing politicians and pundits by playing the part of a bigoted and narrow- minded pundit himself. When Colbert defends or explains his "beliefs" he does so in an over – the – the way that satirically critiques the rationale of those who would" agree" with him.

In 2011, Colbert began what would be along- term Satire both the American presidential candidate Tim Aplenty as well as the grater issue of money and its corruptive influence on politics. On March 30
. Colbert invited the former Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman Trevor Potter on the show to help him fill out paperwork to begin a PAC- apolitical action committee that allows the use of private money to help influence legislation and elections. The Colbert Report's a prent company of Viacom disallowed Colbert from creating his Pac, however, or tunately for Colbert, as Potter explained the Citizens United Supreme Court Case allowed Colbert to form a much- less- restrictive Super PAC. After forming his Super PAC, however, Colbert was still upset with the lack of funding and donations Colbert had Potter back on the show, and Potter explained that though Colbert's Super PAC was excellent, larger corporations prefer not to openly support political causes. Rather, large corporations support political causes, u prefer to do it anonymously. Potter then helped Colbert do the paperwork to create a
501© () Delaware Shell corporation, in order for individuals (primarily corporations) to circumvent contribution limits, and donate unlimited funds, anonymously. Colbert named the corporation "Anonymous Shell Corporation Colbert later asked Potter what the difference was between his donation process and money laundering. Potter responded that, "Its hard to say. In the mid- (1980) Gary Trudeau, writer and illustrator comic Doonesbury used Satire to help put an end to a racially motivated law in Palm Beach. Florida. The law in question mandated that all workers or employees, including gardeners, retail clerks, janitors and taxi drivers, who were part of a racial minority were required to register with police and obtain and ID card within 48 hours of accepting a job. IN 1985, upon discovering the illustrated a series of comics lambasting Florida's

government for its continued support of a racist law. By 1986. Local politicians drew up the" Doonesbury Act" repealed the outdated law. Shortly after the (2008) election of president Barrack Obama. Barry Blitt illustrated a cover New Yorker in which he depicted both the president and First Lady Michelle Obama, in the midst of a fist bump, armed and dressed as caricatures of Taliban- style. Muslim extremists, Dadlez explained the cover, " Fear-mongering was mocked and sharply criticized by presenting an outrageously exaggerated example of fear-mongering in the form of a cartoon The cover, however, was taken literally by many and met with significant moral outrage from the American public . Ina press release following the incident, the New Yorker explained that the cover "satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the presidential election to derail Barack Obama's campaign. Butt went onto defend his cover as well, saying " I think the idea that the Obamas are branded as unpatriotic let alone as terrorists in certain sectors is preposterous. It seemed tome that depicting the concept would show it as the fear- mongering ridiculousness that it is.

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