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Classification of Satire by Topic

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2.11 Classification of Satire by Topic
Since its inception Satire has tended to focus on the topics of politics, religion and sexuality (or bathroom humor. These topics were considered largely taboo, and Satire, taboo, and Satire served the important purpose of circumventing social etiquette and critiquing "evil" or problematic facets of each topic, without engaging in overt conflict. Modern Satire has expanded to include a wider rane of experience and information but for the most part, works of Satire still focus primarily on those three topics and moderate variants thereof.

2.12 Classification of Satire by Tone
Satire and form cane categorized in a number of ways including classification by tome, by topic and even y medium. As previously mentioned, the term Satire wad originally derived from satur, defined by Quintilian and performed by the actors of Aristophanes' Old comedy. Two Roman poets, Juvenal and Horace, were responsible for further defining satirical works by their literary tone.
2.13 Classification by Medium
Though Satire was first defined by Quintilian and given form by Aristophanes, it was not necessarily "invented" by them. Elements of Satire had been and would be used in a multitude of manners and mediums including literature, poetry, music, drama, fables, works of art, and eventually radio and television. Each medium allows fora different form of Satire and different manner of execution. Gerge Austin Tesrt's book, Satire Spirit and Art states, No classification of Satire by genre of kind has even succeeded in fully integrating this diverse form into a system. Since the loose definition of literary Satire by Quintilian, and more concert outlines given by Juvenal and Horace, literature and poetry have remained one of the most popular mediums by which to employ Satire. Famous works of fiction like George Orwell's Animal Farm.
2.14 Political and topical Satire
Has been the most popular form of Satire since Aristophanes' Old Comedy. The satirical critique of political agendas, and of the politicians espousing them, has long provided away to approach complex subjects and social change through humor. The formation of democracies and of the Whig and Tory parties within the British parliament, political and topical Satire returned with force. Political and topical Satire is also incredibly popular in American media The Daily Show and Colbert

Report regularly satirize politicians and political strife, as does Saturday. Night Live, The Simpsons, South Park and man more television and radio programs.

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