Submission to the un committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with regard to the uk government’s 21

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The Government should go beyond its current colour-blind approach and consider the impact of such approach on ethnic inequalities.
UK law has required attention to indirect discrimination since the 1976 Race Relations Act while as a signatory of CERD the government is required to ensure its law and policy is non-discriminatory not only in purpose, but also in effect.
The Government urgently needs to establish and implement a strategy for the elimination of racial discrimination and the advancement of race equality across all policy areas. This should involve consultation with race equality NGOs and clear aims and targets to measure progress over time.
The Scottish Government must ensure the Race Equality Framework for Scotland 2016-2030 receives the resources and cross-sector integration required to make it fully implementable over its 15 years lifetime.
The Scottish Government should ensure targets and monitoring procedures are built into the Race Equality Framework, and prioritise community cohesion between people from different ethnic groups, including established minority ethnic communities and newer migrants and refugees.

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