Submission to the un committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with regard to the uk government’s 21

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The Government should develop a National Roma Integration Strategy, with targets that address the specific situation of Roma communities in the areas of education, employment, health and housing, matched with appropriate funding.

2.5 Incorporating the Convention into UK law

In paragraph 10 of its concluding observations, the Committed stated:

The Committee requests the State party to reconsider its position so that the Convention can more readily be invoked in the domestic courts of the State party.
Although the UK is a party to ICERD, it has not been fully incorporated into UK domestic law nor does a right of individual petition arise from any breach of their terms of ICERD by the UK. UK courts will consider UN Conventions including ICERD, but they are not bound by them unless there is a specific statutory requirement to do so. This does not exist in relation to ICERD.
The Government should ensure that the rights and obligations contained in ICERD are fully incorporated into UK law.
The Government should introduce legislation requiring UK courts to consider provisions of ICERD whenever such provisions may be relevant to any question arising in any proceedings.

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