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Modern World History – 5 Paragraph DBQ Essay WWI – Paris Peace Conference/Treaty of Versailles

Submission Directions for the five-paragraph DBQ essay on the effects of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919/Treaty of Versailles.

As a take-home essay, my expectation is that your essay submission reflects your work.

Due date: ­­______________

(Typed, double spaced, font type 12 - Times New Roman, normal margins, name and page number on every page, stapled together before coming to class)

1 – Essay Question - On page 1, under your name please type in the DBQ Essay Question in Bold Font as follows:

Question: How did the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 do more harm than good?
2Documents – in your body paragraphs you must use 5 out of the 7 documents. Each body paragraph must include at least one document. Refer to the last page of the DBQ packet for reminders on using and referencing specific documents.

3 – Grading - As per the rubric, each paragraph will be graded on a 10 point scale and 5 points for spelling, grammar, care and use of documents for a total of 55 points. Essays handed in late will result in a reduced grade which will accelerate until submitted.

4 – Five paragraph essay

  • Paragraph 1 – introduction – including opener, three key points summarized, and your thesis with three keypoints.

  • Paragraphs 2,3, and 4 – interior paragraphs A, B and C each include a topic sentence and background, two examples described (who, what, when and where) and explained (how was it related to the Treaty of Versailles and why was it harmful) and well as at least one document which supports your evidence.

  • Paragraph 5 – conclusion – four to five sentences including a re-worked thesis referencing three key points; sentences which reference 3 of the examples used and finish with a historical connection described in one or two sentences.

Mr. Collins

Download 24.59 Kb.

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