Subject: Texas History

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Essential Questions


  1. What words did I not previously understand but I know now?


  1. Identify and explain the 4 causes of the Civil War.


  1. Identify and explain the major events leading up to the Civil War and why they are important turning points.


  1. Why does Sam Houston not support Texas succeeding from the Union and how did the public feel about his point of view.

Formative Assessment (Result Indicator):

Monday: Vocab handout, evidence of learning

Tuesday: Discussion, cold calling, check for understanding, create a symbol, evidence of learning


Thursday: Create a poster depicting an event, evidence of learning

Friday: APPPARTS analysis and discussion, writing assignment

Homework Extension, Independent practice:

Tuesday: Identify and explain the 4 major causes of the civil war

Thursday: Identify and explain the 8 major events leading up to the Civil War and why they are important turning points. Make sure you number each one.
Every Tuesday for extra credit:

NPR segment on Texas Originals. Tuesday nights at 6. Write at least 2 well developed paragraphs summarizing the segment.

Intervention for those needing help: Notes on edmodo, tutorials on Mondays

Extension for those exceeding: NPR Assignment , primary source analysis

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Domain -> Dramatic shift in American Society which spawned numerous changes to the status quo, though in some cases this idealistic outpouring of principles was tempered
Domain -> In 2004, some 180 married couples in Beijing, China, stood before a picture of their country’s ancient sage, Confucius, and took an oath, pledging fidelity to each other and promising never to divorce
Domain -> Week of: September 8-12, 2014 Teacher: Kindred Team: U. S. History
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29666 -> Subject: Texas History

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