Subject: Request to Attend San Francisco isaca 2015 Fall Conference

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Subject: Request to Attend San Francisco ISACA 2015 Fall Conference
Dear [Decision Maker Name],
The 15th Annual San Francisco ISACA Fall Conference takes place November 9 – 11, 2015 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The Conference offers three full days of educational training from experienced industry practitioners. It is widely regarded as Northern California’s leading forum for information technology audit, security, risk, and compliance professionals. Therefore I would like to request approval to attend, as I believe it will further develop my technical skills, and build knowledge around new Governance, Risk, and Compliance innovations and shared best practices.
The SF ISACA Conference ( offers comprehensive, cutting-edge educational sessions presented by leading industry speakers. It covers a number of critical IT security, audit, and compliance issues and emerging areas of concern (or threats) facing our organization.
If I attend I’ll receive:

  • Over 20 hours of educational sessions. This year’s program includes session presentations touching on several important topics for us. There are over 50 sessions covering a wide variety of topics – for example: Third Party Vendor Risk, Cloud Security and Compliance, Internet of Things, Threat Intelligence Sharing, Identity Management, DevOps, Authentication, IT Governance, Privacy, Cybercrime, Mobile, Malware, Latest Hacks, Security Standards, BYOD, Metrics, Virtualization, Insider Threats.

  • I’ll also have the chance to understand the latest trends from industry leaders and guest speakers including business and technical leaders from major Finance, Health Care, IT Security and Audit firms. This year, notable keynote speakers include Robin "Montana" Williams, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Practices – ISACA, Reece Hirsch, Partner – Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, and Kim Zetter, Senior Reporter – Wired.

  • Approximately 5 hours of high-level networking. Throughout the course of the three days there is time dedicated to networking, plus special events, so I’ll have a chance to raise our profile and develop our relationships and contacts.

  • Access to key sponsors. I’ll have access to product demos and get 1-to-1 face time with sponsors. Of specific interest to us are: (choose the most relevant to your organization at

The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows (complete the information as appropriate):

Travel costs


Accommodation (3 nights at $169-475/night) *

$507 - $1425

Meals (3 days at $XXX) **


Full Conference Pass (for 3 days) ***


Total cost to attend:


* The Conference has specially negotiated hotel rates for attendees, but in limited quantities.

** Breakfast and Lunch are included with the Conference

*** Early registration rate – expires September 18

Payback: Our ROI
I believe the insights gained by attending the San Francisco ISACA 2015 Fall Conference can help avert costly information security incidents. IBM’s latest study estimates 1.5 million cyber attacks annually with an average total cost of $3.8 million per event, representing a 23% increase since 2013.†
The cost of a Full Conference registration seems a small price to pay for actionable intelligence to help our business combat information security risk and the reputational damage that results from even a minor compromise.
When I return from the San Francisco ISACA 2015 Fall Conference, I will compile a short presentation covering speakers presentation notes, useful vendor product information, new contacts made and a proposal for implementing new ideas that will benefit our team. I will also make any Conference materials available to my colleagues.
To benefit from the current discount I need to register before September 18th, so I appreciate a quick response. Thank you for your consideration.
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