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rough and peeling horns

This is usually a sign of stress. I would suspect worms too, not just coccidiosis. I don't know what you worm with, but I would worm him with a white wormer at a triple dose three days in a row, wait 7-10 days and then worm him with Cydectin to finish off the worm kill. Treat for anemia, and re start the rumen bacteria with Calf Pac. Old goats with rough, ridged horns are does who have spent a great deal of time wormy.

Coni Ross


Nematodes for fly control

I get the nematodes at the natural gardener, a local organic garden place. Any organic gardening place should have them. You have to ask for them, since they are refrigerated. You must follow directions, the nematodes do not move around, so you have to spray them where you want them to be. It comes in a peat base, and had to be mixed with water, then put through a filter (filter comes with nematodes) so that it won't plug your sprayer. I have one sprayer for 'organics only'. Don't use one that has been used for insecticides, it will kill your nematodes. I really like this method, since it kills the larvae (maggots) before they can pupate. By now, as warm and moist as it has been, I would have had millions of flies. So far, I have a few, but certainly not a big
problem. Coni


Pink Eye Spray

Cattle pink eye is caused by Moraxella Bovis. Goat pink eye is usually Chlamydia, or Mycoplasma.

The cattle vaccine for pink eye does not work in goats because it is the wrong organism.

Gentamycin spray for pink eye is available, but it has ALCOHOL in it. I do not use alcohol in the eye.

My recipe works in 24-48 hours, and even a completely opaque eye is cured in 36 hour in 99% of cases.

Clean the face and eye of pus with paper towels and Listerine. Spray the eye with the treatment.

Pink Eye spray:

10cc of 100mg/ml Gentamycin

10cc 2mg/ml Dexamethasone

10cc distilled water, or sterile water.

Take a small travel size hair spray bottle (clean of course) to your vet, and have him mix it for you.

Gentamycin is not approved for food animals except in the topical form. Eye treatment is considered topical.

If your vet does not want to make it, have him call my vet, and he will verify that it is very effective. David Behrends 830-833-4150.

Coni Ross


pink eye spray
Keep it in the refrigerator when it is not in use, and keep it out of the sun, or it looses efficacy. I am sorry I didn't post that earlier. I have a dark brown glass spray bottle I put it in.

Scrub the eye with what ever disinfectant you use. I use Listerine, but have used Novalsan, Iodine, and Betadine, with a strong scouring of the skin around the eye if it is crusted. Spray generously. You can not get rid of infection if it keeps getting reinfected from the area around it when there is a crust.

Coni Ross

Re: [The_Boer_Goat] Scours colors....??
WHOPPIE!!!! I can help someone!!!
This was posted a while back and I saved it for my own records...hope helps.
6A Ranch

In kids:
Brown milkshake colored scours: Bacterial Enteritis
Green colored scours: "Ahh, I found the grass and started going at it today!"
Yellow scours: COCCIDOSIS!!!!
White scours: "Too much milk momma!"
Red streaks in any scours: GET TO VET IMMEDIATELY! The kid is shedding it's gut wall and is in critical condition.

This isn't going to be 100% accurate but is pretty darned close to what you see in kids. Smell is important too, (face it guys, very few things stink worse than coccidiosis!) but the above is what we've used for years and always seems to be right on the mark.
Remember that bacterial scours in a kid, if not stopped within 12 hours will almost certainly cause those pesky little coccidia to take advantage and multiply over-night thus going into coccidiosis. I know I preach this every year to every one, but it has been so successful for us that I have to repeat it!

Watch the little tail hairs on all kids. At the very first sign of a wet tail hair, give the 12 pound or heavier kid a 30 pound dose (pill) of SMZTP. Usually that is all you will have to do. Coccidiosis prevention at work here
with the SMZTP as a healthy gut will be able to keep those coccidia from multiplying. Probiotics in the milk please and start those kids out on a creep feed and fresh free choice hay from the day they are born. Don't wait till weaning to introduce feed and hay.

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