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Mrs. Hoffmann

Honors English 11

2 March 2012

Soapstone of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


  • Jim

  • Huck

  • Pap

  • Tom

  • Raft

  • River

  • Slave

  • Lie

  • God



  • 1835- 1845 (right before Civil War)

  • James K. Polk eas elected president in 1844

  • Bank of the United States’ charter expires Jackson issues Specie Circular Martin Van Buran is elected president in 1836

  • Panic of 1837

  • U.S. army forcibly removes Cherokee on the “Trail of Tears”

  • Dorothea Dix crusades for prison and insane asylum reform in 1843


  • Mark Twain’s original name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens

  • Twain was born in Florida, Missouri, in 1835.

  • When he was 4, he moved to Hannibal, a town on the Mississippi River

  • Owned slaves

  • Father died in 1846

  • Twain left school, worked for a printer, and later set type for a newspaper.

  • In his early 20s, he worked on a riverboat on the Mississippi.


1.Those who are having trouble making decisions and do not know what to do.

2. People that are bored with their lives

3.People who fall into the norms of a society

4. Those that mistreat others

5. People interested in learning about America’s past


1. To advocate individualism and making your own decisions

“…deep down in me I knowed it was a lie”(206-207.)

2. Do not forget about your childhood

3. Discriminate the wrongs of societies

4. Treat everyone equally and have respect

5. Show regionalism of America’s past and show how much we have grown

Thirteen year old Huck Finn. Throughout the novel he goes through internal and external conflicts, either dealing with which religion to believe in or even trying to dodge bullets. Huck is a funny character who throughout the novel develops.

3rd Person.


ironic or mocking:

ex) the duke and king always think they know what they are talking about. When they recite Shakespeare (totally wrong) or when at the funeral and all they talk about is “orgies.”

contemplative: as Huck seeks to decipher the world around him





The River. It symbolizes freedom. Jim can escape to the free states and Huck uses it to escape from society and do whatever he wants. “We would pull through and get out of the fog and into the big clear river which was the free states and we wouldn’t have no more trouble”(90).


-Huck notices the King and Duke always stealing and says it is wrong, however; he does the same thing.

- The fact that the Duke and the King think they are so smart and sneaky when 1) Huck knows they are always lying 2) they recite Shakespear horribly 3) They would be struggling without the help of Huck and Jim.


With Widow Douglas and Miss Watson: Audience can infer that they are women enforce laws of society and try to teach Huck manners, religion, and education. This shows how you cannot always enforce your own rules on someone else.

Huck Finn: such a dynamic character. When in society he seems more childish but after living with Jim and on his own he grows into an individualist with his own morals.

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