Subject: Classic rock and classic rockers. The answer to the packets title: it didn’t. Tossups

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At Budokan (do not accept “Live at Budokan”)

6. As a child this Canadian allegedly phoned Little Richard to protest his enrollment in bible college. The lowest-selling item in the Columbia Records catalog is his 1969 psych-folk solo album, Oar, which he recorded shortly after staying six months in the Bellevue insanity ward for chasing bandmate Don Stevenson with an axe during the Wow sessions. An early member of the Quicksilver Messenger Service, he was the first recorded drummer for the Jefferson Airplane, which he left to join the group for which he wrote “Omaha”. FTP, who was this psychedelic giant, paranoid schizophrenic, and guitarist for Moby Grape?

Answer: Alexander “Skip” Spence

7. Referred to as “the most expensive home movie ever made”, this Joe Massot film opens with Richard Cole as one of a pair of hit men sent to negotiate a business deal on behalf of the band. “Autumn Lake”, played on the hurdy-gurdy, is the first song heard and its fantasy sequences include a drag race, a Grail quest, a masked horse ride, and a mountain confrontation with Father Time. It intercalates footage of Peter Grant berating concert staff and Robert Plant’s disturbingly naked children with 1973 Madison Square Garden performances of “The Rain Song”, “Whole Lotta Love”, and a 27-minute rendition of “Dazed and Confused”. FTP, what was this 1976 Led Zeppelin concert film?

Answer: The

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