Subject: Classic rock and classic rockers. The answer to the packets title: it didn’t. Tossups

Ramones B. Blow-Up Answer: The Yardbirds

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B. Blow-Up

Answer: The Yardbirds

C. Back to the Future Part III

Answer: ZZ Top
11. Identify the original blues musicians whose works were later adopted into rock standards FTPE.

A. Although Cream properly credited this composer of “Spoonful”, this songwriter for Chess Records had to sue Led Zeppelin for ripping off his “You Need Love” for their “Whole Lotta Love”.

Answer: Willie Dixon

B. George Thorogood covered this man’s “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” on his debut album.

Answer: John Lee Hooker

C. Eric Clapton turned this blues legend’s “Crossroads” into his signature tune.

Answer: Robert Johnson
12. Given the lineup, identify the supergroup FTPE.

A. Paul Rogers on vocals, Jimmy Page on guitar, Christ Slade on drums, and Tony Franklin on bass. They had a Top Twenty hit with “Radioactive”.

Answer: The

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