Subject: Classic rock and classic rockers. The answer to the packets title: it didn’t. Tossups

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1. Identify these guest guitarist appearances FTPE.

A. This musician insisted that his guitar solo on the Beatle’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” be heavily spliced and edited because it was too identifiable as him.

Answer: Eric Clapton

B. This guitarist provided the blistering solo break featured in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.

Answer: Eddie Van Halen

C. Donovan muscled up his sound on the title track of Barabajagal by teaming up with this guitar-rock outfit.

Answer: Jeff Beck Group
2. Given the lyrics, identify the Rolling Stones’ songs FTPE.

A. “If I could stick a knife in my heart

Suicide right on the stage

Would it be enough for your teenage lust?”

Answer: “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll

B. “Will it be poison put in my glass

Will it be slow or will it be fast?”

Answer: “

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