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  1. What was the name of the battle that the Spanish Armada was defeated in in 1580? Who defeated them? What did this signify for Spain?

  2. What was the political organization of Spain before 1479? What monarchs changed that and what was the end result?

  3. What labor system that was present in the Americas before the Spanish and where did it originate?


  1. What did the new discovery of the abundance of silver in the Americas do for Spain’s economy overall?

  2. How did religion impact the spanish colonization of the Americas?

  3. What were some changes in the population of Spain during this time period?

  4. What groups or countries stifled the progress of the Spanish in the Americas?

  5. What are the greatest strengths of Spain in this time period?

  6. What are the greatest weaknesses of Spain in this time period?

  7. What were some economic changes during this time period?


  1. Who where the spanish competing with?

  2. Who did the spanish allow to sail for them to try to find a sea route to China?

  3. How did the Spanish colonies help the spanish economically?



  1. Spain’s armada lost the battle of the Gravelines to the British due to poor weather and organization of their ships. This signified the decline of the Spanish Empire.

  2. The political organization of Spain was split. There were many different houses and regions that were ruled by a multitude of different monarchs. This changed when Queen Isabella and Ferdinand of Castile unified the region and became the monarchs of Spain.

  3. Mita was the Incan labor system that the Spanish exploited in the Americas.

  4. It caused a problem with heavy dependancy on the inflow of silver which eventually lead to inflation in Spain and Europe overall. It also increased the trade with China because of China’s high demand for the silver.

  5. The spanish tried to find gold, glory, and spread the word of God wherever they went. After columbus connected the new world to the old world and the Spanish started to colonize various areas of the Americas, the tried to force Christianity upon the natives. Some natives accepted the new religion with an open heart and mind, but others refused to even acknowledge that there was any God other than their own.

  6. There was a dramatic population increase due to the new foods introduced and the abundance of that food. Migration also increased and many people went to the Americas to look for new opportunities in jobs and in their lives overall.

  7. The Portuguese and the English were competition in the Atlantic world so they stifled the progress of the Spanish. Also, the native Americans revolted often. They also got in a war with the French over land in the Americas due to the increase in demand for fur trade.

  8. Advanced technology that helped the spanish conquistadors to travel across the Atlantic Ocean successfully. They also had superior weapons over the native Americans and they had diseases that killed most of the Native Americans before they could fight back while being conquered.

  9. The economy was in poor shape until they discovered all of the silver they could mine, but the large amounts of silver eventually caused more economic corruption and inflation of the value of silver.

  10. In spain their economy was based of the interactions with their colonies. these colonies were forced to only sell the raw goods to the spains and buy the manufactured goods from spain giving spain a larger profit and this continued on for many years. Set up trading posts in Asia, but they set up colonies in the Americas. There was a great increase in capitalism all over Europe and new entrepreneurs because of the desire for profit. Selling manufactured goods was much more profitable than selling raw materials so they made more a profit from the American import of raw materials. The Spanish imported more than they exported so they went into debt and became bankrupt. Their biggest weakness was this heavy dependency which eventually caused inflation in Spain and all throughout Europe in general.

  11. Fellow Europeans who they were competing against and the Native Americans that they conquered.

  12. Spanish monarchs allowed Christopher Columbus to try to reach India.

  13. The spanish colonies helped them by providing wealth through their raw goods that they would ship to spain to be made into manufactured goods.

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