Study Guide: Unit 3-Achievement and Success Agricultural Revolution

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Study Guide: Unit 3-Achievement and Success

Agricultural Revolution

1. Which development most enabled early peoples to form permanent settlements? the Agricultural Revolution

2. Be able to identify the locations and/or names of each of the River Valley civilizations on a map.


1. One of the greatest Sumerian achievements was the creation of the earliest highly developed written language. What is the name of this written language?


2. How was this form of writing produced?

A stylus was used to write wedge-shaped figures on a clay tablet

3. Describe the other inventions and achievements of the Sumerians.

Plow, sailboat, wheel


1. Why were the pyramids built?

As burial tombs for the pharaohs

2. What is mummification and why was it used?

Mummification is a way to preserve dead bodies. The Egyptians used it because their religion was focused on the afterlife and they believed that if a body decayed, its spirit could not recognize it.

3. What is the name of the system of writing used by the ancient Egyptians and what did it look like?

Hieroglyphics- looked like pictographs

4. Why was the Rosetta Stone significant?

It had the same message written in both the Greek language and hieroglyphics.


1. Which dynasty ruled during ancient India’s “golden age?”

Gupta dynasty

2. What is the name of the form of written language that developed in ancient India?


3. What were some of the major inventions and achievements of ancient India?

Concept of zero, metalworking, Hindu-Arabic numerals, astronomy


1. Why did many people in ancient China turn to the teachings of Confucius?

To restore order to China.

2. China is most associated with which major religion?


3. What is cultural diffusion?

The exchange and blending of ideas and goods over different regions/civilizations/countries

4. What was the Silk Road?

A network of trade routes that stretched across Asia from China to the Mediterranean Sea

5. Why was the Silk Road important to China?

It brought wealth from silk; it linked China to other civilizations.

6. Islam spread along the Silk Road from what region?

The Middle East

7. What were some of the products other than silk that were sent to Europe? How did these products change daily life in Europe?

Printing, wheelbarrow, gunpowder, compass, stirrup, paper

Answers will vary. See Silk Road Web Tour graphic organizer.


1. Describe the geography/terrain of Greece. How did geography influence the political system of Greece?

Rocky, mountainous land surrounded by water. Independent city-states were established.

2. The ancient Greeks were known for what aspect of architecture?


3. The Greek alphabet was based on which earlier form of alphabet?


4. What were some other achievements made by the ancient Greeks?

Architecture, forms of writing (comedies/tragedies), philosophy, medicine, law


1. The ancient Romans were greatly influenced by which two groups?

Greeks and Etruscans

2. Describe the religion of the Romans.

Polytheistic- believed in many gods

3. What was the purpose of an aqueduct?

To provide fresh water to Roman cities

4. Describe some of the other advancements made by the ancient Romans.

Science, engineering (aqueduct), architecture (arch), art, law

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