Study Guide The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Chapter 8: “The Elf-Child and the Minister”

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Chapter 8: “The Elf-Child and the Minister”

  1. Who are the male characters visiting the governor?

  2. How does Governor Bellingham respond to Pearl? to her appearance? What does the symbolism of red mean to him?

  3. What connection is there between Pearl’s assertion that she has not heavenly father and her claim that she was “plucked by her mother off the bush of wild roses” by the prison door? In what way does Hawthorne have the Actual and the Imaginary meet in these perceptive statements or Pearl? What do her words signify about the relationship of the female processes of nature and the patriarchal order of the Puritan church and society? To which does Pearl belong?

  4. What are the grounds for Hester’s assertion that she should keep Pearl? What method does she use to persuade the male authority figures she is right? What contrast does Hawthorne establish between her behaviors and decision-making process and theirs?

  5. What invitation does Mistress Hibbins present to Hester? What is suggested by the fact that this representative of the Black Man resides in the governor’s house?

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