Study Guide for the Midterm Here is the format for the midterm

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Study Guide for the Midterm
Here is the format for the midterm:

50 multiple choice (notes and chapters 1-9)

  • Below is a list of topics that will be used for the multiple choice questions.

  • Almost all of these topics can be found in the lecture notes and the book.

  • I have broken them down by class. Look at the syllabus for the chapters that correspond with the class meeting.

  • The questions will range from basic knowledge questions to more difficult ones that require a deeper understanding of the period.

2 essay questions

  • I don’t put limits on the length and sophistication of my essay answers. The last thing I want to do is have someone water down a potentially great answer. Do YOUR best. If your best is great, be proud of yourself.

  • In the first essay you will between one of the following topics. All of the information is on Angel.

    • By its very nature revolution is wholesale change, an overthrowing of the old regime, its values and customs. Revolution brings about radical new opportunities and freedoms, new ideas, and new governments. Many have argued that the American Revolution was more about preserving the status quo. Using the handouts and your knowledge of the material, support the idea that the revolution was either a true revolution or attempt to preserve the present. OR

    • Comparing wars to one another is a natural part of an historical discussion, trying to find similarities in the causes and consequences of violence. Perhaps the best comparison is the most unlikely. Write an essay around the idea that the American Revolution and the Vietnam War have a number of striking similarities; the only difference being the U.S. on the opposite side in each war.

  • The 2nd essay is REQUIRED. Here is the topic.

    • The politics of the 1790s saw some of the most bitter and venomous political battles in American history. At the center of the political fighting and blistering newspaper editorials was conflict between Hamilton and Jefferson over how each saw the future of the country. Explain some of the events that highlight the development of political parties, including the rift that happened in the Washington administration, the fight over Hamilton’s financial plan, the French Revolution, and the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Multiple Choice topics: Most of these can be found in both the notes and book. These are the main topics. I can’t say they will all be on the test. The ones with the (n) I believe are exclusively notes.

Chapter 9

Jefferson in Office

Marbury v. Madison

Louisiana Purchase

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Northern secession plans (242)

Burr Conspiracy

The Chesapeake, problems with Britain on the Seas

The Embargo
October 17, 2011

The Cabinet

Early problems of the Union (n)

Hamilton Plan

Jay’s Treaty

French Revolution

The Adams Presidency

XYZ Affair

Alien and Sedition Acts

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

October 3, 2011

Land ordinances of Articles of Confederation

Problems with Articles of Confederation

Shay’s Rebellion

The Constitution Convention and compromises

Conservative nature of Constitution

Federalists and Anti-Federalists
September 26, 2011

Review notes on the American Revolution

The Deep Roots of the Revolution (n)

169-174 for essay on social changes brought on by American Revolution

September 19

What started the French & Indian War?

What was the result of the war?

How the war affected the relationship between colonies and Great Britain.

How the war affected Indians.

The Proclamation of 1763

September 12

English exploration

Spanish Armada’s defeat

Jamestown (and all that goes with it)

The West Indies and the Carolinas


Massachusetts Bay Colony


Headright System

Early period of slavery

Religious troubles and Salem Witch Trials
August 29

Origins of first Americans

Where most Indians lived in New World

The reasons European exploration began

Portuguese exploration

Spanish exploration


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