Study Guide for the Chapter 5 and 6 Test

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Study Guide for the Chapter 5 and 6 Test

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TEST DATE: Tuesday, March 11th
If you would like to earn 5 additional bonus points, please complete your study guide and turn it in on the day of the test.
Information from Chapter 5
People or Groups to know:

  • Francis Nicholson

  • King George I

  • King George III

  • Regulators

  • Christopher Gadsden

  • Patriots

  • Loyalists

  • Commons House of Assembly

Know the following:

  1. What were the 3 colonies that originally made up the colony of Carolina?

__________________, ________________, and ________________

  1. Why did Carolina become two separate colonies in 1729?

The two major settlements of Carolina were very far apart(with many natural barriers like swamps, rivers, and unsettled land) and it was very difficult to govern and control them.

  1. Why did the southern part of South Carolina split in 1732? ____________


  1. Why did the colonists of SC become unhappy with the Lords Proprietors?

The colonists felt unsafe and were afraid of attacks. The proprietors did not believe the colonists were at risk therefore they did not want to spend any money on building forts.

  1. How did the colonists respond to the failures of the Lords Proprietors?

They petitioned King George to become a royal colony.

  1. Why did they want to be a royal colony? __________________________


  1. How did farming and the export of rice affect the settlement of SC? ____


  1. Why did SC have such a large number of immigrants coming to settle

especially in parts of the Up Country? ____________________________


  1. Why was it difficult for the government in Charles Town to enforce laws and protect settlers in the Up Country?

Charles Town was just too far away, so they had to later develop a circuit or traveling court system.

  1. In SC colonial government, who had to give final approval before any new

laws were enforced? ______________________

  1. Why was SC’s General Assembly created when the representatives decided

to form a state constitution following the First Continental Congress?

(Remember members of the General Assembly were elected by the people of
SC) ______________________________________________________

  1. What was the Stamp Act? ____________________________________


  1. What was the Tea Act? ______________________________________

  1. What was the Declaratory Act?

The Declaratory Act basically stated that Great Britain was the “mother country” and superior to the colonies. The purpose of the Declaratory Act was to make it clear to the colonies that the British government had the right to tax them as they saw fit.

  1. What were the Intolerable Acts?

The Intolerable Acts were a series of laws passed by the British to punish them for the Boston Tea Party.

  1. What was the Charles Town Tea Party? ___________________________



Information from Chapter 6
People or Groups to know:

  1. Francis Marion- _____________________________________________


  1. Thomas Sumter- ____________________________________________


  1. Andrew Pickens- ____________________________________________


  1. Catherine Moore Barry (Kate)- __________________________________


  1. Emily Geiger- a messenger for General Greene who was caught crossing enemy lines; she destroyed the message by eating it and after she was released she was able to deliver the message because she had read it…

  1. Rebecca Motte- _____________________________________________


  1. William Moultrie- ___________________________________________


Know the following:

  1. How did SC and the other colonies help Boston after the Boston Tea Party and the passage of the Intolerable Acts?

They sent supplies and boycotted British goods.

  1. Where did the first shot of the war also know as “the shot heard round the world” take place?

Lexington and Concord in the colony of Massachusetts

  1. Who did the colonists choose to be the leader of the Continental Army?


  1. What is a Patriot or Rebel? ___________________________________

  1. What is a Loyalist or Tory? ___________________________________

  1. What happened at the Battle of Sullivan’s Island? ___________________



  1. What was the Declaration of Independence and when was it approved?



  1. Battle of King’s Mountain- The battle itself was not huge- in fact, there were virtually no British soldiers at the battle. Instead, it was a battle between Patriots which also included the legendary “Overmountain Men” from NC, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and loyalists. In other words, it was a battle of Americans against Americans. The regular army gave no official order to fight and the battle only lasted an hour and involved 2,000 soldiers. Nonetheless, the patriot troops defeated their loyalist enemies.

  1. The Battle of Cowpens- At the Battle of Cowpens, Colonel Andrew Pickens and General Daniel Morgan defeated a large British army. Together they worked out a plan to win. They established a game of Cat and Mouse. They ordered that only a few men should shoot at one time. They were to aim at the officers first. General Morgan put Pickens and the militiamen out front. The general told them to fire and then move behind his troops. It would look like they were running away. The British would chase them and run right into Morgan’s men. When the British troops marched forward, the militiamen followed the plan. The Patriots killed many British officers, and then they moved out of the way. Some of the British retreated, and the rest moved ahead as General Morgan had said they would. Many were killed and the Americans won the battle.

  1. Why was the Battle of Cowpens so important to the Patriot cause during the

American Revolution? ________________________________________


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