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Section 1 ends when Messala inspects the roof.

6.What normal Roman legal proceeding does Judah say that he has not received?

7. What does Messala hope to gain for himself by sentencing Judah to the galleys and destroying his family?

8. Romans did not typically build prisons in the manner of the Greeks or even the Jews; most convicted felons were either executed or put to some useful but grueling work. On the long march of the assigned galley rowers to the sea, how is Judah’s life preserved?

9. How does Judah attract the interest and admiration of Consul Arrius?

10. Why are the galley rowers (who are convicted felons) chained to the ship?

11. What is Arrius’ attitude toward religion?

12. Why does Arrius receive a triumph (parade) when he arrives in Rome? What does he ask of the Emperor?

Section 2 ends at the close of the scene in Rome.


13. When Judah returns to Palestine, what ring is he wearing and why?

14. What advice does Shiek llderim have for Judah at dinner?

15. What does he want Judah to do? How does he try to persuade him?

16. Explain quote from this section:“The stone that fell from this roof so long ago is still falling.”

17. What gift does “Young Arrius” bring Messala?

18. What does he demand that Messala do?

19. Why does he have the authority to make this demand?

20. Where do Judah’s mother and sister go and why?

21. When told that his mother and sister are dead, what does Judah do to the little door-shrine?

22. What does he agree to do?

23. How does llderim use the Romans’ pride against them?

Section 3 ends with the stable scene and the horses.
24. What does Sheik Ilderim give Judah just before the race? What does it signify?

25. How is the race started? How do the race managers signal the end of the lap?

27. Explain the quote at end of race:

“You are the people’s one true god--for the time being.”

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