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A. Ulysses S. Grant B. George Meade

  1. _____His capture of Vicksburg helped the Union finally gain control of the Mississippi River

  2. _____Union general who won the Battle of Gettysburg

    C. George McClellan D. Robert E. Lee

  3. _____Union general who was an expert planner but overly cautious and slow to act

  4. _____Southern general and commander of the Confederate army

    E. Stonewall Jackson F. Joseph Hooker

  5. _____Southern general who was wounded by his own troops at the Battle of Chancellorsville and died

  6. _____Union general whose army was flanked by Lee at the Battle of Chancellorsville

    G. Ambrose Burnside H. Abraham Lincoln

  7. _____His Gettysburg Address is one of the most famous speeches in American history

  8. _____Union general who suffered terrible losses at Fredericksburg


A. Fredericksburg B. Antietam

  1. _____Union victory but McClellan failed to pursue Lee's retreating army

  2. _____Union suffered heavy losses in failed attack against entrenched Confederates

    C. Vicksburg D. Fort Wagner 

  3. _____54th Massachusetts gained fame from its heroic attack here

  4. _____Turning point in war; Union gains control of Mississippi River

    E. Gettysburg F. Chancellorsville

  5. _____Turning point in war; Lee's second invasion of North turned back

  6. _____Confederate victory; Lee divides his army and attacks Union from two sides

True or False

  1. _____African American soldiers served only in their own regiments under the command of white officers.

  2. _____Britain helped the South despite Lee's loss at Gettysburg.

  3. _____The South needed men so badly by the end of the war that they allowed African Americans to join their army.

  4. _____Southern soldiers often attacked African American troops more fiercely than Northern white soldiers.

  5. _____The Gettysburg Address became immediately popular in the country.

  6. _____Lincoln was frustrated by his generals early in the war because they could not win a battle.

  7. _____Northern soldiers welcomed African American soldiers.

  8. _____The war went well for the South early, but then turned in favor of the North after Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

    Multiple Choice

  9. _____Why did Lee decide to take the war once more into the North?
    A. He saw an opportunity to capture Washington,D.C.

    B. He hoped a victory there would gain the support of Britain & France

  10. _____What was the most famous African American regiment?
    A. 2nd Kansas Colored Regiment

    B. 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

  11. _____Who did Lincoln fear would be upset if he allowed African Americans to join the Union army?
    A. Border States
    B. Western States

  12. _____Why were Union forces pushed back on the first day of Battle at Gettysburg?
    A. The Confederates were entrenched on the high ground
    B. They were greatly outnumbered

  13. _____Why did Lincoln and Congress change their previous policy and allow African Americans to join the Union army?
    A. African Americans were eager to join and fight

The North needed more soldiers to defeat the Confederacy

  14. _____What was the objective of Pickett's Charge?
    A. To break the Union center on Cemetery Ridge

    B. To attack the Union line from two directions

  15. _____Why was the Siege of Vicksburg a turning point in the war?
    A. It gave the Union control of the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy

    B. It ended Lee's invasion of the North and gave the Union the upper hand in the East

  16. _____Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point in the war?
    A. It let to the capture of the Confederate capitol of Richmond
    B. It ended Lee’s invasion of the North and support from Britain and France

  17. _____What advantage did Lee's forces have at Fredericksburg that allowed his army to drive back a Union attack with heavy losses?
    A. His army was entrenched on the high ground

    B. He divided his forces and attacked the Union in the flank

  18. _____What major loss did southern forces suffer at the Battle of Chancellorsville?
    A. Robert E. Lee was wounded and died

    B. Stonewall Jackson was wounded and died

  19. _____What was Lee's objective on the second day of battle at Gettysburg?
    A. To break the Union center on Cemetery Ridge

    B. To capture the high ground of Round Top and Little Round Top

  20. _____Why did Lee want to avoid a fight near Gettysburg?
    A. He did not know the terrain

    B. The Union was entrenched on the high ground

  21. _____Why did Union General Joseph Hooker withdraw his army from the Battle of Chancellorsville even though he had twice as many men as Lee?
    A. Lee had divided his army and attacked him from the flank
    B. His army was trapped against a river

  22. _____Why did Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson often defeat larger Union forces?
    A. They had more men and better equipment

    B. They knew the terrain and better inspired their troops

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