Study Guide: American Colonial Period

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Study Guide: American Colonial Period
Chapter 2

  1. What area did most American come from?

  2. How did noble families have power?

  3. What is the Magna Carta? When was it written? By whom? What rights did to rights to landholders?

  4. What is parliament?

  5. What was the Glorious Revolution? Why was this event important?

  6. What rights were guaranteed by the English Bill of Rights?

  7. What American laws are based on English common law?

  8. What ideas and rights did English philosopher John Locke believe in?

  9. Who believed that people had the rights to determine how they should be governed?

  10. What idea did Baron de Montesquieu develop?

  11. The ideas of Locke and Montesquieu were influential in what American documents?

  12. What is the Enlightenment? What are some to the Enlightenment ideas and who were some thinkers?

  13. What was the first permanent English colony in North America? Who founded it? Where and when was it founded?

  14. Who managed the colony?

  15. What is the House of Burgesses? Why was it important?

  16. What was the second group of colonists to arrive? Where? When?

  17. What was this new colony’s government? What did the compact do?

  18. What type of democracy still used today in New England?

  19. What was the first written constitution in America? What type of democracy was it?

  20. What did the thirteen colonies in America have in common?

  21. How were the thirteen colonies divided? What are the colonies in each geographic region?

  22. What ideals was Pennsylvania founded on?

  23. Georgia was created for what type of people?

  24. What were some of the reasons that colonists immigrated to America?

  25. Explain the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

  26. Why was Roger Williams forced to leave Massachusetts?

  27. Explain how indentured servitude worked.

  28. Explain how indentured servants and slaves differ?

  29. What was Bacon’s Rebellion? What was its importance?

  30. Why did slavery began in the colonies in America?

  31. Explain the route and goods shipped on the Triangular Trade Route?

  32. What is the Middle Passage? What was the cargo?

  33. How did geography play a role in the development of the colonies?

  34. What values did the Puritan religion emphasize?

  35. List the important economic activates of each geographic region.

  36. What was the Great Awakening? When did it take place? Who was a leader in the movement?

  37. What was the purpose of education in the colonies? Who was denied education?

  38. What was the role of women in the colonies?

  39. What ideas and events led to the spirit of egalitarianism?

  40. How did colonists feel about self government?

  41. What is salutary neglect?

  42. Explain the theory of Mercantilism.

  43. What is a favorable balance of trade?

  44. Under mercantilism, what was the purpose of the colonies?

  45. What was the French and Indian war? How did it lead to the American Revolution?

  46. What was the Proclamation of 1763

  47. What was the Stamp Act? Why were the colonists against it?

  48. List and describe the Acts passed by Parliament dealing with the colonists in the 1700s.

  49. What is a writ of assistance?

  50. Why did the colonists resent the taxes?

  51. What was the First Continental Congress? What did it accomplish?

  52. What was the Second Continental Congress? What did it accomplish?

  53. What was Thomas Paine’s purpose in the pamphlet Common Sense?

  54. What was the new government of the colonies?

  55. What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? What were the main ideas in the Declaration of Independence? Where did many of Jefferson’s ideas come from? When was it approved?

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