Student will read one poem as a class and learn 4 ways of artistic expression

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Gold Rush Intro Lesson

Overview: Student will read one poem as a class and learn 4 ways of artistic expression.

Objective Content and Language

Students will understand how to create a graph and read a graph.

Students will be able to explain how they take data and create graph.

Grade Level: 3rd Grade Lesson Length: 40 mins.



3.1.2 Read words with several syllables.

3.1.6 Use sentence and word context to find the meaning of unknown words.

3.1.7 Use a dictionary to learn the meaning and pronunciation of unknown words.

Social Studies

Core Standard 1: Describe how groups of people in the state and

region (from prior to European settlement to

the present) have infl uenced the development of

diff erent communities. Describe regional founders

and leaders and explain why these people qualifi ed

as leaders.

Core Standard 3: Human and Physical Systems

Identify the human and physical features of Indiana

and other states in the region and explain the

infl uence human and physical systems have on each


-gold pieces (shoes, jewelry, exc.)


-butcher paper/dry erase board


Learning Strategies:



-Guided practice

Student Characteristics and anticipated Challenges:

-will the lesson go as long as planned?

-will students be able to grasp concept?

-will provided books be too high of a reading level, even when read aloud?


Pick (axe), nugget, sawmill, millrace, nitric acid, corrode, idle, mineral, prospect(or), hysteria, wheelbarrow.



  1. Introduction

  1. Names: introduce ourselves and have the students introduce themselves.

  2. Get-to-know game: 2 truths and a lie.

  1. Begin introduction to activity with presentation of “gold” items

  1. Ask students what all of the items have in common?

  2. Move into what they know about gold: where did it come from, when did we find it?

  3. Introduce topic of Gold Rush

  1. Read-aloud

  1. “The Great American Gold Rush”

  2. Stop periodically to discuss and write down “Gold Rush Vocabulary!”

  1. Look up “Gold Rush” vocabulary terms

  1. Using both the internet and a dictionary, students will look up words and keep a journal of the new vocabulary terms for future reference.

  1. Goodbye!

  1. Mention expectations for next time…which may or may not involve internet activities!! (do we have access?)

Download 11.6 Kb.

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