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Athletic Information And Pledge Form

The Forest Hills Local School District Board of Education recognizes the value of interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities in the educational process and the values that young people develop when they have the opportunity to participate in activities outside of the traditional classroom. Participation in high school athletics in the Forest Hills Local School District, the Ohio High School Athletic Association or the National Federation of High School Athletics is not a right but a privilege which may be regulated by the Forest Hills Board of Education.
Prior to participating in an official practice or tryout session for any interscholastic

sport, each student athlete must:
 Pass a physical examination by a registered physician and the copy of such examination must be on file in the athletic office.

 Properly fill out and turn in an Emergency Medical Form.

Prior to participating in the first contest for any interscholastic sport, each student

athlete must:
 Pay participation fee ($160 High School).

 Attend the pre-season rules meeting with Athletic Director and Coach.

 Properly fill out and turn in ROAD RUNNING FORM if participating in Track or Cross Country.

This form will be distributed by the coach. As a student in the Forest Hills School District participating voluntarily in interscholastic athletics, I understand that:

 I will abide by the Forest Hills School District Athletic, Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Code of Conduct, the FHSD Student Code of Conduct, the Athletic Handbook, the coaches’ team rules, and the rules of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Copies of these documents are located in each school. An athletic handbook will be distributed to all students participating in interscholastic athletics.

 Specifically, I will not drink. I will not smoke. I will not do illegal drugs. If I do smoke, drink or

do drugs, I understand that I will be subject to discipline as outlined in the FHSD Athletic,

Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Code of Conduct.

 I will be responsible for all equipment issued to me and will return such equipment at the

conclusion of each season. I will be required to pay current replacement cost for any equipment not accounted for by me at the end of the season.

 I acknowledge that I have been properly advised cautioned and warned by administrative and

coaching personnel of the FHSD that I am exposing myself to the risk of injury, including but not limited to, the risk of sprains, fractures and ligament and/or cartilage damage which could result in a temporary or permanent, partial or complete impairment in the use of my limbs, brain damage, paralysis; or even death. Having been so cautioned and warned, it is still my desire to participate in sports and to do so with the full knowledge and understanding of the risk of injury.

 I certify that I have read and understand all of the FHSD Athletic Policies in the Athletic

Handbook and in order to be eligible for participation I must comply with all requirements listed.

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Athletic Information And Pledge Form

Parent or Guardian Consent
 I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to engage in interscholastic athletics in the Forest Hills School District during the current school year and to accompany the team as a member on its out-of-town trips. I agree to allow medical personnel to release injury reports to coaches and administrative staff as necessary. I understand that my son/daughter will be expected to firmly adhere to all established athletic policies. I have read both the FHSD Athletic Handbook and the OHSAA eligibility rules.
As A Parent Of A FHSD Student Athlete, I Agree To:
 Attend a pre-season rules meeting with the AD and coach.

 At minimum, work concessions two times, per student, per sport, during the school year.

(HS Only)
OHSAA Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin
 I have read the entire OHSAA Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin and have had the opportunity to review its contents with school administration if we wished to do so. I understand the information contained within this bulletin, and I realize that I will be expected to fulfill my responsibilities in compliance with the rules set forth. A copy of this bulletin is located in the athletic office or can be accessed at
Athletic Insurance Waiver
 I understand that the Forest Hills Local School district does not provide any accident or health

insurance coverage for my child while participating in interscholastic athletics. I fully understand that it is our responsibility to provide insurance coverage.

Parent’s Travel Permit
 I hereby give consent for my son or daughter to travel to and from athletic events scheduled by the Forest Hills School District. I understand the Department Policy will be to provide transportation by school bus, but in some circumstances, alternative transportation may need to be arranged. These situations will be communicated through the coach of our program.
Parent’s Commitment
 I have read the FHSD Athletic Information and Pledge Form and understand the information

contained therein. I will do my part to help my child adhere to the rules set forth in the FHSD

Athletic Handbook.

Parent / Guardian Signature

Parent / Guardian Signature


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