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Alert Level: a track with numbered spaces (1 to 6) to measure the Royal Navy Admiralty’s ability to respond to your actions.
Turn Record: a track which indicates the current game turn (1 to 10).
Game Charts & Tables

These resolve various game actions or otherwise provide information.

Note: You should examine the various charts and tables, especially the Terrain Effects Chart, as they affect the application of various rules.
2.2 Game Pieces
German ships are controlled by the player.
Battlecruiser Goeben: the SMS Goeben.
Light Cruiser Breslau: the SMS Breslau, the Goeben’s escort ship.
Battlecruiser Moltke: the SMS Moltke was scheduled to replace the Goeben before World War I broke out. It is used in the “what-if” scenario.
Light Cruiser Stralsund: the SMS Stralsund, used only in the “what-if” scenarios.

Colliers: provide additional coal to the German warships while at sea, refueling them.
Note: the terms “warship” and “ship” are used interchangeably in the rules.

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