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Royal Navy Warship

Place this warship in the space which your warship occupies. You must engage in combat during the Naval Combat phase. (See 14.0)

Morale Check

If this is Turn 1, then treat this Incident as Quiet Seas.

Otherwise: Multiply the current Turn number by “5.” If this number is greater than or equal to the current VP total, then in any Combat this turn, roll one extra die for each type of German Gun and Torpedoes when firing. If the number is less than the current VP total, then roll one less die for each. This applies to to German but not Austro-Hungarian warships.


1) Roll one die for each German warship in this space. On a “6”, it takes one hull hit (or one engine damage for Austro-Hungarians). And 2) Skip the Ensuing Combat phase in this space. If the space has Allied warships, they remain in place and are not returned to the Pool (this happens regardless of the die roll). No shore bombardment or marine landings are permitted in this space this turn.

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