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0-2 Successes Failure, you lose your command.

3 Successes Draw, you won’t go down in history.

4+ Successes Victory, you are promoted and become famous.

Destroyed but not conquered!”

If all four German ships are sunk, evaluate the number of Missions accomplished. If you have enough to claim a victory, then you win a moral victory.

You can play Goeben with more than one player, each taking the role of a different German naval officer. Here are some examples:
1) Task Force Officers

Commander: makes final decisions. First Officer: picks incident chits; recommends intelligence actions and outfitting. Gunnery Officer: recommends which enemy ships will be fired upon, and the rate of fire. Engineer: recommend speed and manages repairs. All: recommend course (direction) for the task force.

2) Individual Ship Commanders

Each player commands one German ship and makes decisions for it. If there is a conflict, then order of precedence for actions and decisions are the commanders of the (first) Goeben, Moltke, Breslau and (last) Stralsund. Players may communicate with each only if their ships are in the same space, or if they each have a Wireless. Also, if a player’s ship is in a friendly or neutral naval base or port, he can write a message on a piece of paper and any other player whose ship enters that space can read it.

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