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24.2 German Warship Basing
After a mission is completed, place German ships in the port of Pola. Certain successful missions will allow German ships to be set up in ports listed under the Mission’s Bonus column.
Example: If you successfully completed the Ottoman Alliance Mission, German ships may be placed in Ottoman ports such as Constantinople or the Dardanelles.
If Austro-Hungarian ships are in the war, they must all be placed in Pola.
24.3 Allied Warship Deployment
Place Allied warships per the standard Set-up (3.0). The step in initial setup in which Allied ships are placed on Patrol Zones is modified as follows: for every sunken Allied capital ship (BC), add in one Incident marker to the group which is set up with the ships in the Allied Patrol Zones. Those markers are picked at random. When revealed, apply any events.

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