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Winning & Losing Scenarios

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24.1 Winning & Losing Scenarios
If you have accomplished your objective during a scenario, all German ships increase their Leadership ratings by one level. Additionally, implement the Bonuses conferred by the victory for winning that scenario (see the Mission Orders chart). These bonuses last for the duration of the game.
Example: A successful Austro-Hungarian Naval Pact mission gives the Germans one Austro-Hungarian cruiser as a reinforcement. At the start of the next mission, place that cruiser per the instructions. After that next mission is completed, no additional Austro-Hungarian cruiser reinforcement is received for winning that scenario, but it would remain in play until sunk.
If you have not accomplished your Mission objective during a scenario, all German ships reduce their Leadership ratings by one level (but never lower than the “one” space).
Should any particular scenario end with the Germans having negative victory points, the campaign game comes to an immediate end—you are in disgrace. Otherwise, at the end of each scenario: reset your Victory Point to zero; remove all Port Visited markers; and place all Incident markers back into the pool. Then remove all ships from the map and sort them as follows.

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