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21.2 Reconnaissance
A Seaplane allows the German to conduct a free aerial reconnaissance attempt once per Intelligence Phase. Place a seaplane in any space adjacent to the German ship in which it is cargoed and then roll one six-sided die. If the die roll is a “1”, that seaplane is “shot down” and eliminated. If the roll is a “2” or “3”, there is no effect ( it has found nothing). If the roll is a “4-6”, all Allied units in that seaplane’s space are revealed. The seaplane is then returned to the ship from which it launched. If shot down, it is returned to the Available box.
There is a possibility that combat will take place at night or otherwise limited visibility. To determine this, roll one six-sided die at the start of each naval battle: On a “1-2”, night is in effect for that battle.
The effect of night is to halve all units’ firepower (round any fractions up). Night may also affect Contact (see the Contact Chart).
Ships with searchlights are not affected by night. Also, torpedoes are not affected by night.
23.0 MINES
Mines are a cargo which can be carried by German CL units (only). A CL may lay mines during any German movement phase by moving the marker from a Hull box onto the map in a specific space. This does not cost any movement. Mines may not be placed in any neutral port or naval base.

Mines, once placed in a space, will inflict damage upon any enemy (Allied) ship that is in that same space. Roll one die for each such ship and if a “6” is rolled that Allied ship is out of the scenario and is counted as VP for the Germans. Immediately after that, the mine marker is removed from the map and placed in the Cargo Available box.

Note: Mines, once placed, may not be moved back to a hull box.
The Campaign game allows you to link Missions together. Set up the game per rule (3.0). When you end a scenario, remove its Mission Order marker from the game (regardless if you accomplished it or not—no scenario is replayed). The success or failure of a Mission will affect subsequent scenarios.

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