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(Firepower rating for the firing gun type),

= (equals)
the total quantity of dice to be rolled for that gun attack.
For Gunnery fire, each roll of “6” is a Hit. For each Gunnery Hit, roll once on the Gunnery Hit table and apply the result.

14.6 Allied Torpedo Fire
Allied Torpedo fire is resolved exactly like Allied gunfire, except it hits on a “5” or “6”. Allied torpedoes are not expended by being fired (they are automatically reloaded).
14.13 Effects of Fire upon Allied Ships
Damage is inflicted upon Allied ships per the instructions of the Gunnery Hit table. If a ship receives damage, it remains in the battle (unless later sunk), but is affected as indicated.
A damaged ship is removed from the game at the end of a battle (it has withdrawn to an Allied naval base for repair and does not return within the framework of the scenario). Place it aside. Obviously, sunk ships are permanently out of play.
If any Allied ship incurs more damage results than its Armor value, it is sunk (regardless of the types of damages inflicted), and removed from the game permanently. Certain combat results will immediately destroy an Allied ship.
Example: An Allied warship with an Armor value of “2” has received three damages (one Hull damage, one Gunnery damage, and one Engine damage), and it therefore sinks.
A ship which receives a Withdrawal result is removed from the scenario (but does not count as sunk).
You receive victory points for each Allied ship damaged, and victory points for each Allied ship that is sunk. Count sunken ships as sunk and not damaged

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