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Neutral Ports & Naval Bases

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9.1 Neutral Ports & Naval Bases
Neutral ports and naval bases permit your warships entrance owing to the statutes of international maritime law, but each neutral port only permits one visit by any warship(s). A “visit” is defined as one or more warship occupying that port or naval bases throughout an entire Movement phase (having entered that port/naval base during the previous Movement phase). After a visit, a German warship must exit a neutral port, and no German warship may enter that neutral port again in the game. Place a “Neutral Visited” marker in that space as a mnemonic. Even if only one German ship enters a neutral port, other German ships would thereby be prohibited from entering it later in the game.
For example: the Goeben and Breslau end their Turn 4 move in Brindisi. On turn 5’s Outfitting & Repair phase, they they can re-coal, etc., in Brindisi. Since they took an Outfitting & Repair phase, they skip Turn 5’s Movement phase. On turn 6 they must skip the Outfitting & Repair phase and leave Brindisi during the Movement phase (and not return in the same scenario).

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