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German Warship Characteristics

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6.2 German Warship Characteristics
Ship Class: This is the type of ship (see abbreviations).
Leadership: Leadership is a quantification of the training and initiative of the officers and crew. Leadership may change owing to various game events.
Guns: The Gun markers’ positions on a warship’s Gun Track indicates the firepower available for combat. There are three types of guns (primary, secondary, tertiary), though not every ship possess all three types. These actually represent groups of guns on a ship, usually by turrets. Guns can be reduced by hits.
Engines: The Engine marker position on a warship’s Engines Track indicates its maximum speed. The Engine Track indicates three types of speed (cruise, maximum, emergency). A ship can move at cruise speed without expending coal. Expending coal allows a ship to move at maximum or emergency speed. If at emergency speed, you must make an engine damage check at the end of that warship’s current movement (12.4). Engines can also be reduced by hits. If reduced to zero engines, then the ship is dead in the water until repaired.
Hull: The hull represents both the ability of your ship to absorb hits and the number of cargo points that ship can carry. If your Hull is reduced, then any cargo it is carrying in that space is also destroyed. Hull can be reduced by hits. If a ship’s Hull Index is reduced to zero, that ship is sunk (eliminated).

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