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8. Objective Phase (17.0): If your warships are in the objective location (as indicated by the Orders marker drawn at the beginning of the scenario), evaluate if you have sufficient victory points to win the game. If not, continue playing until you complete your mission or until the last turn of the game.
Historical note: The British Royal Navy began the war in a state of indecision. This was partially the result of the chaos of the opening days of the Great War, in which it was not yet altogether clear of the belligerency status of the various great powers. It was also due to the mediocre leadership of the Royal Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet command, especially when compared with the better leadership of the Germans. This is reflected by the various levels of alert that the Allies will have throughout the game. Of course, the more reports of “unidentified German raiders” that reach the Admiralty’s desks, the more they will begin to pay attention to the presence of your task force—and get aggressive

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