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Outfitting & Repairing Phase (7.0)

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1. Outfitting & Repairing Phase (7.0): You may do any or all of the following for German ships, in any order.
Rearm: This may be done only at friendly naval bases.
Repair Damage: This may be done at sea or, more efficiently, at a port or naval base.
Stow Coal: This may be done at any port or naval base, or if a warship is in the same space as a collier.
Trade Cargo: Switch cargo markers between German ships in the same space, within available hull space.
Note: If you choose to Outfit/Repair, then you must skip the Movement phase.
2. Intelligence Phase (11.0): You may attempt an Intelligence Action, which can allow you to examine unrevealed Incident markers or change the Allied Alert level.
3. Movement Phase (12.0): You may move any and all German warships. You may move each ship a number of spaces up to their assigned Cruise Speed (without expending any coal). Or, you may move a ship up to its maximum speed by expending one coal point per each such warship. If a ship goes into its Emergency Speed range, it must expend one coal and then undergo a damage check at the completion of its movement. If a ship enters a space containing an Incident marker, Allied Patrol Zone, or Port or Base it must stop.

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