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) Place Allied Coastal Defenses

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4) Place Allied Coastal Defenses
Coastal Defense Units: Place all Allied Coastal Defense units face down (on their unrevealed side), mix them up, and draw at random the following number of units per Allied port. Place them in the port indicated, all face down.
Gibraltar 2

Toulon 2

Marseilles 1

Algiers 1

Philippeville 1

Bone 1

Bizerte 1

Mers el Kebir 2

Malta 1

Alexandria 2

Port Said 1

Then, remove all remaining Allied Coastal Defense units from the game. Keep them face down to one side—they are out of play.

5) Determine your Scenario Orders
Shuffle all of the Order markers face down. Then, draw one at random, examine it, and place it face up in the Orders Box. This is your mission for the scenario. Remove all of the other Orders markers from the game (you can examine them).
Set the scenario turn length as indicated by the Orders Chart (at the end of the rules). This indicates how long (the number of days) the scenario will last, and thus how long you have to accomplish the mission.
6) Place the appropriate markers in the spaces on the Goeben and Breslau displays.

Leadership 4

Engines 6

Hull 12

Primary Guns 5

Secondary Guns 3

Tertiary Guns 2

Ammunition 6

Torpedoes 2

Reserve Coal 4


Leadership 4

Engines 6

Hull 4

Primary Guns -

Secondary Guns 3

Tertiary Guns -

Ammunition 6

Torpedoes 2

Reserve Coal 5

Note: German CLs had no Primary or Tertiary Guns, so there are no markers for them in the game.
7) Outfit the German task force (see Outfitting, 7.0)
For the Goeben and Breslau (each) you will have a number of Outfitting points equal to twice the leadership value of each ship. Use these points to “buy” a number of points worth of crew and/or cargo and place them in the Hull spaces, one per box.
8) Place your task force (the counters representing the Goeben and Breslau) in the Messina space.

9) Place one German collier in any sea space of your choice.
Note: Do not place the Moltke, Stralsund, or the other collier, or any Austro-Hungarian ships; these are for the “What-if” scenarios only.
10) Begin the first game turn using the Sequence of Play (see 4.0).
A Goeben, 1914 scenario consists of a series of turns. When the turn marker reaches the last space, the game ends. If you have not succeeded in your mission, you lose the game. If you have completed your mission before the game ends, then you win (see 17.0).

4.1 Phases
Each turn consists of a number of stages called “phases.” They are conducted in this order.

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