Strategies for Developing University Innovation Ecosystems

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About the author: Mike Alvarez Cohen is the Director of Innovation Ecosystem Development in UC Berkeley’s Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) office. To learn more about Mike and his other innovation ecosystem-related work, go to . Mike would like to thank the contributions and support of Carol Mimura, the Associate Vice Chancellor for IPIRA; and also Marc Oettinger in IPIRA’s Office of Technology Licensing.

1 In March 2016, a 19-year veteran of Stanford’s Office of Technology Licensing characterized Stanford’s innovation ecosystem as, “organized chaos”.

2 In March 2016, a VP for Intel Labs commented, “my visit to MIT really confirmed your classification of them as a very decentralized UIE. They have separate entrepreneurial programs for each and every department of the engineering school; lots of accelerators, incubators and VCs.”

3 UC Berkeley’s tech transfer office (IPIRA) doesn’t have a group or even a staff person dedicated to venture catalyst activities, however it has staff (particularly the author of this paper) who integrate into their core responsibilities full-stack UIE development (which includes commercializing technology via mature corporations as well as via startups).

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