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66. Hitler was not born in Germany. _____

67. The Nazis never won an absolute majority of national seats but did become the largest party in the national legislature. _____

68. The Treaty of Versailles prohibited Germany from having an air force. _____

69. Spain fought on the side of Germany and Italy in World War II. _____

70. Stalin, like Hitler, invaded Poland at the start of World War II. _____

71. More senior Russian officers died during the Great Purge than died during World War II. _____

72. The essence of the conflict between Stalin and Trotsky was that Stalin wanted to aggressively promote world revolution while Trotsky wanted to concentrate on “socialism in one country.” _____
CHAPTER 2: “THE WORLD AT WAR,” (pp. 61—105)


  1. What was the date of the German invasion of the Soviet Union? ________________

  2. The Americans had begun to transfer arms to the British through this program by the Spring of 1941. ________________

  3. As the Germans pushed into the Soviet Union, the Russians disassembled entire factories and rebuilt them at new sites beyond these mountains. ________________

  4. Literally “special forces,” these units of the SS were given the responsibility of murdering Jews, Communist officials, and potential troublemakers as the Germans advanced into Russia. ____________________

5—6. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked this Pacific Naval Base, thus bringing the U.S. into World War II. ___________________ The number of Americans who died in the attack. ________________

  1. The approximate number of people to die in World War II. _________________

  2. The master planner of the attack on Pearl Harbor. ___________________________

  3. The Japanese conquerors talked of transforming East Asia into this, which they argued would benefit not only themselves but also those who had suffered under colonial rule. ______________________________________________________

  4. Nazi propaganda reiterated that German women should focus on these three responsibilities. ________________; _________________; ___________________

  5. American victory in this important June 1942 Pacific naval battle put the Japanese on the defensive; they would make no more major conquests from that point on. ______________________

  6. President Roosevelt’s name for the grand coalition against the Germans. _________________________

  7. This was the name the Nazis gave to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews. _______ ______________________

  8. This British Air Marshal became the most vocal proponent of the mass bombing of German cities. ___________________

  9. By 1940, the British had broken the code used by this German encrypting machine. _______________

  10. The number of Allied casualties during the campaign that took them from the beaches of Normandy into the heart of Germany. ______________________

  11. This partisan fighter would become leader of a communist Yugoslavia after the war. ______________

  12. What percentage of Jews within Hitler’s European empire would be killed during the course of the war? _____________

  13. This German liquid-fuel rocket with a range of 220 miles was used to bomb Britain and was a forerunner of the intercontinental ballistic missile. _____________

  14. This secret American program was authorized by Roosevelt to develop the first atomic weapon. ___________________

21—23. These Japanese squadrons of fliers were named after the “Divine Wind” that had saved thirteenth-century Japan from a Mongol invasion. __________________ The number of pilots killed between October 1944 and the end of the war. ______________ The number of U.S. ships sunk or damaged by these pilots. _____________

  1. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met early in 1945 in this Crimean vacation town to discuss the shape of the post-war world. ______________

  2. On April 25, 1945, the Red Army and the Americans met at this river in Germany. ____________

  3. After this battle in late 1944 during the American invasion of the Philippines, the Japanese were without a navy. ______________________

  4. A bombing raid on this city in March 1945 killed more than 80,000 people. ______________

  5. This Viennese journalist is typically credited with founding modern Zionism, which called for Jews to emigrate to Palestine, in 1897. ______________________

29—30. The number of Jews living in Palestine at the time of World War I. ____________ The number of Arabs living in Palestine at the time of World War I. _____________

  1. This 1917 pronouncement offered British backing for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” ______________________

  2. The League of Nations granted this European nation a mandate, or temporary trust, over Palestine in 1922. _______________

33—36. The national defense force organized by Zionists in Palestine in the 1930s. ________________ The more common name of the terrorist group, the National Military Organization, set up at approximately the same time. _____________ The Jerusalem hotel in Jerusalem, headquarters for the British Army, blown up by this group in 1946 at a cost of some one hundred lives. _________________ This future Israeli prime minister was a key member of the group. _______________________________

  1. Who was the first prime minister of Israel? ____________________________

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