Stock Market Vocabulary

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Stock Market Vocabulary


Ownership in a publicly or privately held company. When a company sells stock to you, you “buy a small piece of the company” and hope the company grows and makes more money over time – so you will also gain money. Sometimes you may get dividends and voting rights after buying stock in a company.


A decline in dollar value of an investment.


The highest dollar value of a stock share in a given time period (1 day or 52 weeks, etc).


The lowest dollar value of a stock share in a given time period (1 day or 52 weeks, etc).


A payment to a stockholder from profits a company has made. Dividends are issued on a regular basis and can either decrease or increase. A dividend = a share of the company’s profit.


An economic slowdown of a country’s economy. A recession results in increased unemployment, raising business failures, and slow economic growth.

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