Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

Tim Stellmach, Lead Designer

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Tim Stellmach, Lead Designer:

So, after Thief II, obviously there's talk about Thief 3, there's talk about other sorts of games, like—Looking Glass, of course, is also famous aside from action/adventure games, for fantasy/role-playing games. And, you know, Thief would be a really natural fit for that. You know, some games have the kind of, like, really hit-potential, where you start seeing the action-figure, or the comic-book. At Looking Glass, we have some tremendous art talent, that—you know, some great sculptors, great artists, guys who've done comic-books before. And I'd like Thief to be the kind of game where you can go down to your local comic-book store, and pick up the Garrett and Viktoria action-figures. That'd be great.

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