Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

Eric Brosius, Lead Audio Designer

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Eric Brosius, Lead Audio Designer:

The Audio Department is three people. It's myself, a guy named Kemal Amarasingham, and a guy named Ramin Djawadi. It's nice to have them aboard. Pretty much, everyone splits duties and does everything.

Thief is very interesting, sound-wise, because it's one of the first games that really uses sound as a central part of the gameplay.

You work hard on the sound and it's nice to have a game that really shows it off. In Thief II, we'll hopefully be able to expand a little bit. Although we don't want to change the nature of sound in Thief. We don't wanna have, like, disco tracks in the background because it's not appropriate, but hopefully we'll be able to do some more involved things.

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