Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

Jennifer Hrobota Lesser, 3D / Cutscene Artist

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Jennifer Hrobota Lesser, 3D / Cutscene Artist:

It's a lot more interesting to do artwork for cutscenes where you really have a feeling for the character.

Mark Lizotte, Lead Artist:

Matthew Gilpin, right now, is the only artist working on Thief Gold.

Matt Gilpin, Artist:

Probably the best thing for Thief is it really gives a mood. Like a feeling. You have a very good sense of environment.

Mark Lizotte, Lead Artist:

Karen Wolff is helping on the briefings.

Steve Pearsall, Project Leader:

Karen is very talented. And she worked on Flight III.

For a Programming Team, on Thief II we've got Pat McElhatton, who's been a long-time Looking Glass person. He's worked on a lot of a our, sort of, sound technology. We've also got Bill Farquhar, who's actually done a lot of the special effects for our flight simulator line. A new hire, Alex Duran, he's doing a lot of the, sort of, basic technology with the installer and the build system.

A game system is a lot more than just a renderer. It's the real sum of all the components in the engine: The A.I. system, the object system, the renderer, the sound. And that's one of the things that makes the Thief engine so outstanding, is the sum-total of all of those parts really takes the engine beyond what most other engines can do.

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