Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

Terri Brosius, Level Designer

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Terri Brosius, Level Designer:

I'm working on a level called “Song of the Caverns.” And I really can't say too much more about it, because it's secret.

Sara Verrilli, Level Designer:

I guess one of things that I enjoy most about designing Thief levels, and working on Thief, is trying to find multiple ways for a player to solve any given problem.

Mark Lizotte, Lead Artist:

There are three main artists. There is me, who's Lead Artist.

Steve Pearsall, Project Leader:

Mark's such a fanatic—when he took his vacation, he went to Europe this year, and took a camera along with him and took thousands of pictures.

Mark Lizotte, Lead Artist:

Then there’s Daniel Thron, who is working on the cutscenes, doing a recurring role for Thief II and Thief I. And he's having Jennifer Hrobota Lesser to help him.

Steve Pearsall, Project Leader:

She's doing both 3D modeling and some artwork in support of Dan's work on the cutscenes.

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