Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

Tim Stellmach, Lead Designer

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Tim Stellmach, Lead Designer:

One big difference between Thief, and a lot of action games, is that it's got a lot of story to it. An experience that tells the story, but that doesn't take away from the action. At no given time are we pulling you out of the game. You get some information in your briefing and some information in cutscenes. You hear some of it, like, overheard in conversations that we stage. All told, I think I counted up—one day—like, seven or eight individual little ways that we send out little tiny packets of story at you.

The game-concept in Thief was developed in stages. We actually started off with a completely different game—Dark Camelot—where it was this, sort of, Arthurian setting, but Mordred was the hero. King Arthur was this, you know, corrupt despot. And there was this, sort of like, swashbuckling fight of the underdog-against-the-opressor.

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