Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

Sara Verrilli, Level Designer

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Sara Verrilli, Level Designer:

I haven't actually worked at anywhere else in corporate America, except when I was temping as a secretary. It's very different.


Daniel Thron

Camera Operator / Executive Transvestite
Fred Galpern

Producer / Director / Editor / Evil Herbivore


(In order of appearance)

Rob $ Caminos as Garrett

Steve Pearsall Project Leader

Tim Stellmach Lead Designer

Eric Brosius Audio Designer

Randy Smith Level Designer

Sara Verrilli Level Designer

Emil Pagliarulo Level Designer

Terri Brosius Level Designer

Mike Chrzanowski Level Designer

Rich Carlson Level Designer

Iikka Keranen Level Designer

Rafael Brown Level Designer

Mike Ryan Level Designer

Mark Lizotte Lead Artist

Daniel Thron Cutscene Artist / Fiction Consultant

Jennifer Hrobota Lesser 3D / Cutscene Artist

Matt Gilpin Artist / Agent 7

Karen Wolff Briefings Artist

Pat Mcelhatton Programmer

Bill Farquhar Programmer

Alex Duran Programmer

Lulu Lamer Lead Playtester

Jesse King Wheel of Fate Guru

Kemal Amarasingham Audio Designer / Dirty_Wh***

Ramin Djawadi Audio Designer / The Q
Special thanks to the management,

Marketing department and financing department

Of Looking Glass Studios.

Thanks to the Flight III, Flight Combat,

and System Shock 2 development teams,

Irrational Games and EIDOS.

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