Steve Pearsall, Project Leader

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Behind the Scenes at Looking Glass Studios
Steve Pearsall, Project Leader:

I think you can think about the new things we're doing in Thief II along, sort of, two major areas. One, is I think we're gonna end up with a lot tighter design, based on our experiences with Thief I.

The second thing that is gonna be new about Thief II is we're gonna improve the technology of the engine some.
Tim Stellmach, Lead Designer:

New power-ups, new creatures, a larger number of things that really affect the gameplay.

Eric Brosius, Lead Audio Designer:

Hopefully we'll be able to expand a little bit. Although we don't want to change the nature of sound in Thief. We don't wanna have, like, disco tracks in the background.

Steve Pearsall, Project Leader:

We've put together a really great team for Thief II. We've got some of the original team back. The Lead Designer, Tim Stellmach, was the Lead Designer on Thief. Randy Smith, who's a Senior Designer on Thief II, was also one of the designers on Thief. We've also got Sara Verrilli, who is a long-time Looking Glass person, who was a designer on Thief.

We've added a bunch of new folks, too. We've got Emil Pagliarulo who was the Editor-in-Chief at Adrenaline Vault. A person we've worked with a whole lot (who's done a lot of voice-acting for us, in fact), she's a really talented designer, too: Terri Brosius. Another new designer is Mike Chrzanowski, who's a long time game-player, and he's come up with some really fresh, exciting, new ideas. Rich Carlson—“Zdim,” to the Quake community out there. Another really talented designer Rich brought along with him, from Ion Storm, is Iikka Keranen. Iikka's working on some really exciting levels and his work's really turning out terrific. We've also got a designer away from Reality Bites, who'd worked on Dark Vengeance, in the past: Rafael Jabulani Brown. And we've got a little bit of extra assistance from Michael Thomas Ryan, who worked on the original Thief and who's also a designer on System Shock 2.

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