Steps Toward Independence

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Consultation of 1835 -  

The delegates had to initially decide on one very important issue—should they align themselves with Federalists who opposed Santa Anna and work to support the Constitution of 1824, or seek independence from Mexico. Most delegates belonged to either the Peace Party, which favored alignment with the Federalists, or the War Party, which believed that the fighting showed they could no longer remain under Mexican rule. The War Party favored immediate independence from Mexico.

Fourteen delegates voted in favor of independence and thirty three voted against it. The Consultation adopted a statement of principles. In a document called the "Declaration of the People of Texas in General Convention Assembled" they declared that they were loyal to Mexico and that they supported the Constitution of 1824 and wanted it restored. They blamed Santa Anna for their troubles and said they fought only for protection and to defeat him. They urged citizens of Mexican states to join them in their rebellion against Santa Anna's military dictatorship. In addition they stated they were no longer bound by the union of Texas with Mexico because of Santa Anna's treatment. Finally they offered land to anyone who volunteered to fight with them for the duration of the war. Since they were no longer part of Mexico, they needed to set up their own government. They decided on a government comprised of a governor, lieutenant governor, and a general council, and chose delegates for each of these positions. The council would include one representative from each large community. The Consultation created a regular army and chose three commissioners to the United States.

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