Steps Toward Independence

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Steps Toward Independence

The Texas Constitution included three rights with origins in Spanish and Mexican courts. It recognized both husbands and wives as able to own community property. It provided protections for people in debt. For example, some property could not be seized as payment of debts. The Texas Constitution also included clear rules about property ownership.

Committees of correspondence were established when rumors spread that General Cós was arresting Texas leaders and marching them back to Mexico in chains.

​Both the committees of correspondence and local groups in the United States shared political and military information, which served to unify the people.

Grass Fight - It was a name given to the attack the Texas infantry made on the Mexican mule train. After they captured more than three dozen mules, they discovered their packs were filled with grass for feeding Cos' animals, not silver to pay his soldiers, as they had thought.


In 1835 Santa Anna ignored the Constitution of 1824 and made himself dictator.  He and other Mexican officials felt that radicals like William B. Travis were disloyal to Mexico. He sent additional troops to Texas in attempts to assert more control over the colonists.  Tensions grew between Mexico and Texas. The incident at Gonzales, where Mexican troops attempted to retrieve a cannon, launched a fight for Texas independence. 

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