Stephen Joseph Steurer, Ph. D

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Stephen Joseph Steurer, Ph.D.

11305 Willow Bottom Drive

Columbia, Maryland 21044

(410) 715-0301 -- Home

(443-459-3080) – CEA


• A.B. (1967), History, Loyola University, Chicago, IL

• M.S. (1969), Linguistics and Italian, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

• Ph.D. (1976), Secondary Education - Reading, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Present Positions

• Executive Director, Correctional Education Association, Elkridge, Maryland, 1986 – present

Assistant Professor of Criminology, adjunct faculty, University of Maryland University Colleges, 2005- present
Related Experience

  • Correctional Academic Coordinator, Maryland State Department of Education, Correctional Education Office, 1981 – 2004

  • Managing Director, American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, Laurel, Maryland 1999 – 2005

• Member, Advisory Board to the National Institute for Correctional Education, 2002 - 2003

• Special Education Expert to Court Master in New Mexico Department of Corrections special education lawsuit, 1996

• Special Education Consultant to North Carolina Department of Correction special education lawsuit, 1996

• Auditor, American Correctional Association, 1981- 1985

• Correctional Program Specialist, National Institute of Corrections, U. S. Department of Justice 1984-86, on IPA loan from Maryland to federal government for two years as a grant monitor to corrections agencies

• Coordinator of Title I Services, Maryland State Department of Education, Correctional Education Office, 1980-1981

• Resource Teacher, Maryland State Department of Education, Correctional Education Office, 1977-80

  • Reading Consultant, Maryland Division of Correction, 1973-77

  • English, History, Italian, and Reading Teacher, Washington, D.C. Public Schools, 1968-1973

  • Title I Substitute Teacher, Chicago Public Schools, 1967

• "President and Executive Board Award", presented by the President and Executive Board of CEA annually to one CEA member for outstanding services and contributions to correctional education, 1996

• Member, Presidential task force on the National Literacy Institute and nominee for Presidential Advisory Council, 1992

• Nominated with six Reading teachers by Commissioner of Corrections as Employees of the Year in Maryland Division of Correction, 1988

• Delegate Assembly Member, American Correctional Association, 1983-86, 1994-present

• President, Maryland Association for Adult, Community, and Continuing Education, 1983-84

• "President's Award", in special recognition of outstanding service and support to the Correctional Education Association, presented by the President annually to one member of CEA, 1983-84

• Editor, Correctional Education Association Newsletter, 1982-84

• Secretary, Correctional Education Association, 1982-84

• President, Maryland Association for Publicly Supported Continuing Education, 1981-82

Chairperson, Correctional Education Association Annual Conference, July, 1982

• Director, Region II, Correctional Education Association, 1980-81

• Chairperson, Maryland Association for Publicly Supported Continuing Education Annual Conference, 1980

• Vice-President, Maryland Association for Adult Education, 1980.

• Graduate Assistantship, College of Education, University of Maryland, 1975-76, for Doctor of Philosophy degree

• Dean’s Scholarship, Department of Languages and Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 1969-76, full tuition for Master of Science degree

Video Presentations
• 1996 - Executive Producer and Co-host "Screening for Learning Disabilities in Correctional and Adult Educational Settings" and "Teaching the Learning Disabled in Correctional and Adult Educational Settings", Correctional Education Association and the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities Center, videoteleconference telecast nationally on May 17 and June 7, 1996

• 1994 - Executive Producer, "Newspapers in Correctional Education", a live interactive video tele-conference, PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service and Maryland Public Television

• 1992 and 1993 - Executive Producer, "Juvenile and Adult Literacy, two live national interactive videoconferences, PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service

• 1992 - Executive Producer and Writer, “Prison Education - Shutting the Revolving Door”, a promotional video on the value of correctional education, funded by United Way of America

• 1991- Executive Producer, "The Special Adult Learner”, a live national interactive videoconference, PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service

• 1990 - Executive Producer and Co-host, “Education in Corrections: Skills and Attitudes for Life and Workplace”, a live national interactive videoconference, PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service


  • Stephen Steurer, John Linton John Nally and Susan Lockwood, The Top-Nine Reasons To Increase Correctional Education Programs, Corrections Today, August, 2010.

  • Stephen Steurer and Linda Smith, Education Reduces Crime: Three State Study Recidivism Study: Executive Summary, Management Training Corporation, February, 2003.

  • Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator, The Three State Recidivism Study, United States Department of Education, Office of Correctional Education, a three year longitudinal study of recidivism and employment for over 3400 former inmates released in 1997-98 from Maryland, Minnesota, and Ohio, November, 2001

  • “Historical Development of a Model for Correctional Education and Literacy”, Volume 52, Issue 2, June, 2001, Journal of Correctional Education

  • “The Correctional Education Program: Peer Tutoring”, Steve Steurer, Best Practices: Excellence in Corrections, American Correctional Association, 1998

• “Standing up for Education”, Alice Tracy, Linda G. Smith and Steve Steurer, Corrections Today, April, 1998

• "A Post Release Follow-up of Correctional Education Program Completers Released in 1990-1991", H. David Jenkins, Jennifer Pendry and Stephen J. Steurer, Basic Education in Prisons, UNESCO, 1996

Business Council for Effective Literacy, July, 1993 guest columnist on correctional literacy

• ”Inmates Helping Inmates: Maryland’s Peer Tutoring Reading Academies”, Yearbook of Correctional Education, Simon Fraser University, 1991

• “The CEA-AJA Connection”, May/June, American Jail Association Magazine, 1990

• Co-Executive Director of Learning Behind Bars, a joint publication of Project Literacy U.S. and the Correctional Education Association, 1989, funded by the Gannett Foundation

• Guest Commentator and Editor, Corrections Today, June, 1987

• Writer and Editor for the Cambridge GED Program series, in reading and study skills, 1986

• “Literacy Programs in Adult Corrections: Models for Training,” Wolford, Bruce; Steurer, Stephen; and Bellarado, Donna; American Correctional Association Conference Proceedings, 1986

• “An Update on the National Institute of Corrections’ Activities in Prison Education,” August, Corrections Today, 1985

• “National Initiatives in Correctional Education: National Institute of Corrections Educational Grants Update,” Volume 36, Issue 2, June, 1985, Journal of Correctional Education

• Correctional Education Administered by the State Education Agency--Six Years Experience,” Volume 36, Issue 1, March, 1985, Journal of Correctional Education, co-author with Jon P. Galley, Commissioner of Corrections, Maryland

• “Graduate Training of Correctional Education Staff Working With Adult Illiterates: A Model Program,” Volume 34, Issue 2, June, 1983, Journal of Correctional Education

Help Yourself to Health Workbook for New Readers Press, Syracuse, New York, 1983, a workbook for Help Yourself to Health textbook for adult education students

• “Correctional Education Moves into Competency-Based Vocational Education,” Volume 5, Number 1, October, 1980, Resource Review: A Curriculum Publication for Vocational Educators in Maryland

• “Competency-Based Vocational Education in Maryland,” Volume 32, Issue 4, December, 1981, Journal of Correctional Education

Speak English! Functional American English for the Modern World. Institute of Modern Languages, Inc. Silver Spring, Maryland, 1980, co-author with Mary Ann Corley, republished by National Textbook Company, 1984

Wheels Teachers Manual and Wheels Student Workbook for Wheels, New Readers Press, Syracuse, New York, 1980, manual and workbook for Wheels series on obtaining a driver’s license, buying a car, and maintaining a car, for adult education and high school students

• “An Accurate Method to Screen Vocational Shop Candidates,” Volume 30, Issue 2,1979, Journal of Correctional Education

• “Learning Centers in the Secondary Classroom,” October, 1978, Journal of Reading. Reprinted in part in Content Area Reading, Richard T. Vacca, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1981

• Research report to Maryland State Department of Education, “Maryland Functional Reading Test—Form A: Criterion Norms for Use with Adults, Adult Offenders, and Juvenile Of renders,” June, 1977

• Co-Curriculum Designer and Writer of Word Shop TV program teachers’ manual, thirty lessons to be used with the Word Shop series, published and distributed by ITV CO-OP of WETA Channel 26 in Washington, D.C. for 1976 school year and beyond, a language arts series for 2nd and 3rd grade children

Association Memberships and Conference Presentations
Correctional Education Association – since 1978 member, regional officer,

national officer and Executive Director; workshop presentations at almost every annual conference. Most recent workshop on July 19, 2011 called “CEA Auditor Training” at annual conference in Charleston, West Virginia.

American Correctional Association – member since approximately 1980; workshop presentations at many annual conferences. Most recent workshop on August 6, 2011 called “The New GED in 2014: Big Changes and Implications for Corrections” at annual conference in Kissimmee, Florida.

Maryland Association for Adult Community and Continuing Association - since 1985 member, First President and frequent workshop presenter.

European Prison Education Association – member since approximately 1990; workshop presentations at many bi-annual conferences, most recently in 2009 in Crete.

Australasian Corrections Education Association –member since the mid-1990s; frequent workshop presenter at bi-annual conference and twice keynote speaker in 1999 in Adelaide and 2007 in Melbourne.


Maryland State Department of Education Advanced Professional Certification in English Grades 5-12, History Grades 5-12, Reading Specialist Grades K-12, Latin Grades 7-12, and Italian Grades 7-12

Certified Standards Auditor for the Correctional Education Association
Current Date: September, 2011

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Stephen Steurer

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