Steam Engine vs Tesla Motors (Electricity Powered Car)

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Javier Contreras,

Alejandro Olivera &

Alan Geifman


Steam Engine vs Tesla Motors (Electricity Powered Car)

Steam Engine: During the 1700s people started to seek new power sources, and one of them is coal, coal was used to develop the steam engine.

Steam Engines were developed in Britain due to having large available coal resources.

People started using it to pump water out from mines, in 1712.

In about 1769, the steam engine was improved and was used for other things that would became a great tool for the Industrial Revolution.

Tesla Motors (Electricity powered car): They are named after the electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla. Tesla Motors is a United States based company that manufactures, designs and sells Electric Cars. They are known for producing the first ever fully electric sports car, named The Roadster, after that they made a fully electric luxury sedan called Model S. They envision themselves in the future, producing and selling fully electric cars that are to be aimed at the price range the average consumer can afford. Tesla Motors does not only seek technological innovation, but due to the growing problem of CO2 emissions, many companies are seeking new ways to power cars, and drastically reduce CO2 emissions. Tesla Motors is one of them.

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