States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals with the exception of two nuclear weapons to be used for asteroid deflection in the future

Nukes are critical against low-warning asteroids -

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Nukes are critical against low-warning asteroids -  

Wall 18 - Mike Wall ( Senior Writer, PhD in Herpetology). “’HAMMER’ Time? Spacecraft Could Nuke Dangerous Asteroid to Defend Earth.” March 9, 2018. JDN. nuclear-bomb.html BAC
The next time an hazardous asteroid lines Earth up in its crosshairs, and we may be ready for the threat. Scientists and engineers with the U.S. government have drawn up plans for a spacecraft that could knock big, incoming space rocks off course via blunt-force impact or blow them to bits with a nuclear warhead, BuzzFeed News reported. The researchers announced the concept vehicle, known as theHypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response (HAMMER), in a study in the February issue of the journal Acta Astronautica. And the team will discuss HAMMER at an asteroid-research conference in May, according to BuzzFeed News. Each HAMMER spacecraft would weigh about 8.8 tons (8 metric tons). If an asteroid threat is detected early enough, a fleet of the vehicles could be dispatched to collide, nuke-free, with the space rock, changing its trajectory enough to spare Earth from an impact. But this strategy wouldn’t work for big asteroids that appear out of the cosmic gloom with little warning; there wouldn’t be enough time for the nudge to take effect. To neutralize, or at least mitigate, such threats, a HAMMER would have to be outfitted with a nuke to be able to destoy the astroid, the study team stressed.

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