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Should the SWRCB approve a WRCP grant of $1.44 million for the proposed project? Should the SWRCB, in accordance with the Guidelines, condition this approval by requiring expiration of the preliminary grant commitments if the Final P&S are not submitted to the Division by June 1, 2002?


A total of approximately $113 million is available in the 2000 Water Recycling Subaccount for WRCP grant and loan funding. The 2000 Bond Law allocates 50 percent of the 2000 Water Recycling Subaccount for construction grants and 50 percent for construction loans. Approximately nine percent of the total construction loan monies are allocated for administration, research and development, and bond costs. In addition, both grant and loan amounts are allocated 40 percent for Northern California Counties and 60 percent Southern California Counties. The City’s water recycling project will be funded from the 2000 Bond Law Water Recycling Subaccount with a $1.44 million WRCP grant (Item No. 3940-101-0419). The SWRCB’s grant approval for the City’s project, together with previous funding commitments and additional funding commitment requests for other water recycling projects, will leave a 2000 Bond Law balance of $700,000 for grants in Northern California.

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